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You & Me, Sometimes...  
Curator: Sandra Antelo-Suarez  
Opening Reception:Sunday, March 30, Noon -6:00 pm  
March 20 - May, 3, 2008  
Gallery Hours:10:00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday - Saturday
Lehmann Maupin
201 Christie Street
New York, NY 10002
Telf: 212.254.0054  
Fax: 212.254.0055

Installation View of You & Me, Sometimes...



New York, March 20, 2008

Hello My Dear Sandy,

It has been too long since we saw each other last. But now I am writing to make a date with you. It is going to be you and me.

We are doing a get together, as they say in New Hampshire. Francisco will be sharing with us his Caprichos. Sandy is preparing his trip to Paris with his circus, but he has something political and sublime for the space. I haven't told you, have I? We leased a new space with a Romeo & Juliet balcony for declarations and declamations. Yes, after all it is election year�. So I happen to be choosing.

Glenn stopped by and will be lending a mirror, now. Karin, of course, will be doing her partitions and situations... that always means more people. Mario went on an expedition in Mexico �Dave will dance with you; Paul is providing the stage lights and; Tim is doing his collaboration with KOS and Henry Street Settlement; Fabian has effervescent dollars�.

(Rumor has it that a group of your social conceptualist friends will be here to greet you)

But let's catch up here; there is so much I need to talk with you. Fill you in.

Let me know when you can come. Or don't; just come any time. We will be here. Our space is always here, for you and I.

Anyhow, I can't tell you how honored (or intensified, or black and blue, or shocked and awed, or rarified) we would be with your presence.

Un abrazo,


Participating artists:
Glenn Ligon, Mario Garcia Torres, Dave McKenzie, Minerva Cuevas, Tim Rollins, Fabian Marcaccio, Pawel Althamer, Sejla Kameric, Karin Schneider, Allan Kaprow, Olivier Mosset, Francisco de Goya, Paul Ramirez-Jonas, Alexander Calder, Jose Iraola, Jorge Luis Borges, Joseph Beuys, Dan Graham, Darcy Lange
Announced Scenes Schedule:

March 20, 8- 9 pm
back stage visit

March 22, 10 am
curtains open

March 22, 2 - 6 pm
Tim Rollins & K.O.S. finish A Midsummer Night's Dream (after Shakespeare and Mendelssohn) with the Henry Street Settlement kids.

March 30, 3 pm
Fresa Salvaje

April 12, 6 pm
BOUND, A projected walk-through by Elka Krajewska with lightscore by Anthony McCall, sound score by Bunita Marcus. Expected duration:15 minutes

April 22, 7 pm
Sandra Antelo-Suarez introduces his friend Dan Graham. Dan Graham and Lori Zippay, Mercedes Vicente and Barbara London introduce the work of Darcy Lange

7:30 pm
Darcy Lange Film Screening

April 25, 4 pm
Donald McRonald bv Minerva Cuevas. Location: Union Square Mc Donald?s

May 3, 12 ? 6pm
Private Dancer by Dave McKenzie

Unexpected scenes will be taken place at any time, stop by.


You & ME, Sometimes? has received support from the Bronx Museum; AV workshop; Soho Grand Hotels; Americas Society; Mexican Institute, NY; and Princeton Library; and New York Public Library.

Special thanks to:

Terry, Jennifer and Sandy at the Calder Foundation; Judith Dolkart and Deana Setzke at the Brooklyn Museum, the lenders to the exhibition that with much kind and care have lent artworks. Manuela Arnal brought research, detail, sense of humor and much needed support to this exhibition. Matt Castle for his care installing the Calders. Jan Endlich, Corrina Bouthilette, Christine Krol, Stephen Brodheim, Joe Palumbo, Virgil Polit, Wyatt Kahn, Courtney Plummer, Kristina Sch?nberg, and Stephanie Smith worked double at Lehmann Maupin with 2 new spaces and this project. Rachel and David for providing the vision and trust. Ali Hussani and Lili Chin will do the documentation for Minerva?s action and Lili did this video, thank you. Last but not least, the participating artists have been extremely generous and involved in the process of this project, thank you for providing the fun, ideas and work. It has been 6 weeks of fun work for me.

Thank you to my baby? Jorge Alejandro that inspires me in every gesture he makes.

Lenders to You & Me, Sometimes...

Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn; Calder Foundation, New York; Jose Iraola, Miami; Minerva Cuevas & Kurimanzutto; Marjory Jacobson Collection, Boston; Rodney Miller Collection, New York; Mario Garcia Torres & Jan Mot; Sejla Kameric; Dave McKenzie; Fabian Marcaccio ;Olivier Mosset; Paul Ramirez-Jonas; Tim Rollins + K.O.S.; and Karin Schneider.